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500mm f/8 Mirror Lens
manual-focus lens, Nikon mount

This lens has 3 aperture settings: f/8, f/11 and f/16.
The f/11 and f/16 are obtained with internal neutral density filters (not by a diaphragm).

This is a "no brand" lens, I could not find any brand markings on it.  When I bought this lens a few years ago, I was told that it was made in USSR.  I do not see any markings to that effect;  and to the contrary, the lens hood and the case say "Japan" on them.  So, I really do not know the origin of this lens.

It is well built, all metal construction.
It uses a T-mount;  a Nikon mount is included.

the lens with the lens hood and the semi-rigid case.



The aperture set to f/16.
The proper neutral density filter is position by rotating the aperture ring.  The aperture ring is somewhat stiff.

the lens back showing the T-mount

The lens includes a fixed position tripod mount

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Photographic Equipment for sale - Home

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