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Photographic Equipment for sale - Home
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Omega Rapid M
Medium Format camera, 2 1/4  6x7

Camera works perfectly.
Shows signs of use.
Comes complete with

  • Hexanon 90mm f/3.5 lens
  • 220 back
  • grip handle.



    Negative size 2 1/4 x 2 3/4" (6x7) (10 pictures on standard rollfilm 120)
    Rangefinder Camera with automatic parallax correction
    Optional Interchangeable lenses (not included)
      f5,6/58mm with optical finder,
      f4,5/180 mm (latest models f3,5/135 mm),
    all with integrated leaf shutter B, 1-1/500 s, synchronisation M/X, built-in retractable lenshood
    Film magazines 120 (not included) and 220 with preloading roll film holders
    Rapid advance lever for film advance and shutter

    More information on Omega Rapid series of camera can be found at
    including a user's manual for the Rapid 200:
    (to my knowledge, the Rapid 200 is the successor of the Rapid M)

    page 2 - details
    page 3 - back




    some wear on the base plate



    page 2 - details
    page 3 - back

    e-mail me at
    Photographic Equipment for sale - Home

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    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada