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Photographic Equipment for sale
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Angelo P.

I am an photo amateur who is regularly renewing his equipment.  I buy, play with, get bored, and eventually sell my equipment.  And start all over again.

Photography is something that I enjoy since my childhood.  I got my first 35mm camera (a Minolta Himatic-C range-finder that I still have) before my teen years.  My own children do not seem to share the same passion yet, but I am working on it.

I am mainly interested in Nikon 35mm cameras.  And all the related accessories.

I also own a 4x5 view studio view camera, studio flashes and related "home" studio equipment.  I do not get to use it much, mainly due to lack of cooperation of my main subjects: my children and my wife's dog.

I live mostly in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) but also spend a significant amount of time in Montréal
(Québec, Canada).

My photographic equipment for sale

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Photographic Equipment for sale

copyright: Angelo P.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada