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Photographic Equipment
For sale

I am an amateur who is regularly renewing his equipment.  This is the list of my equipment that I am currently selling.

I live mostly in Ottawa (Ontario, Canada) but also spend a significant amount of time in Montréal (Québec, Canada).

If you live in the Ottawa or Montreal areas, you can come and see the equipment.  Otherwise, you can look at the pictures and I can ship it to you, any place in the world (shipping costs not included in prices listed below)

For any information, e-mail me at

Don’t be shy!  Make an offer!

1 US $  =  1.2 Cdn $ (approx.)
(check current exchange rate)

Nikon autofocus


Nikon F90x (N90s)
(e-mail for pictures and details)
$cdn 500
$us 425
Nikon MB-10 vertical grip
for F90x (N90s)
$cdn 125
$us 105
Nikon F601
Nikon F-601 (N6006)
 $cdn 200
 $us 170
Nikon F-401x (N5005)
Nikon N2020 (F501)
 $cdn 150
$us 125 
Tamron SP AF 70-210mm f/2.8 LD
$cdn 650
Nikkor AF 35-105mm f/3.5-4.5

Nikon manual-focus
Nikon FE2 black, with Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 
$cdn 350
$us 295
Nikon FE black, with Nikkor 50mm f/2
$cdn 300
$us 250
"Image" brand MC Auto Macro 28mm f/2.8 
$cdn 50
$us 45
500mm mirror lens
(with Nikon t-mount adapter)
$cdn 250
$us 210

Vintage Camera
 Voigtländer Vito CL
 $cdn 100
 $us 85

Medium Format
 Omega Rapid M
 $cdn 380
 $us 320

 auto Flash Vivitar 16a (guide no. 60 ft)
 $cdn 25
 $us 20
 Olympus TTL flash T32
 $cdn 150
$us 125 

Cokin Filters
 Cokin filter set 
 $cdn 75
 $us 65
 Cokin filter set
 $cdn 75
 $us 65

 Camera Hard Case (generic)
 $cdn 20
 $us 18

 Elgeet 135mm f/4.5 enlarger lens
 $cdn 40
 $us 35
 B+W KR1,5 1,1x filter (52mm)
 $cdn 20
 $us 18
 various 49mm to 72mm filters
$cdn 11 - 28 
 $us 8 - 20
 Filter kit with pouch
$cdn 40 
 $us 35
 Flash Filters
$cdn 15 
 $us 13
 cable release
 $cdn 10
 $us 9
 neck straps
$cdn 10 - 30 
 $us 9 - 25

Last updated 2005-10-03

- Prepayment by money-order (preferred) or regular check (Canada only)
- Goods will be shipped within 2 working days of reception of money-order
- For payments by regular checks drawn on a canadian bank: goods will be shipped after a clearance period of 10 days.

All my photographic equipment is sold with a return period of 10 days if the item is not exactly what you expected it to be.

e-mail me at

copyright: Angelo P.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada